Why Men ignore me and not my friends. It is a situation when you are forced to think, why men ignore me. Most of the time, it is terrible for female. Some are left distraught and it can became an issue of self esteem as well. For some, it is an embarrassment. Here is the guide can find out a reasons why is he ignoring me.

He gave attention initially but ignoring me now.

  1. He was giving lot of attention to you. All of sudden, his calls and text stopped. Since then, you are wondering what went wrong. This may became an issue of self esteem for you. Few female will call this a prestige issue.
    • He found someone better than you. Maybe, you were not his number one priority and he was seeing you as an option.
    • May be he got busy with some professional stuff. Guys really take some things seriously and are not multitasker. They cannot put their entire focus on many things at the same time. In this case you will receive a text or call with valid explanation.
    • You are too good to him. He could not believe he can have you for lifetime. Expensive things only few can afford. Kick his ass right away. He is certified loser.

No guy has ignore you in past.

  1. You do not have personality. Good looks can fetch you few dates. But, personality is a real thing. Substantiate with skills and rich hobbies.
    • Very similar personalities. This is a major reason for ghosting when you meet someone just like you. And, he do not respect himself much.
    • Too much differences. This a ultimate deal breaker. Arguments for everything can make him a winner in a dating game.
    • You have behavior problems. You kind of overreact for everything. Do you have anxiety issues and overthinking why men ignore me.
  2. You seems easy.
    • Guys loved to shower attention on someone who seems easy to them. Did you received booty call too early. If your answer is affirmative. Just run. Don’t think why men ignore me.
    • He has too many options. This also results in this ignoring game.
    • You did not answer his booty calls. Now, he is into someone else. Or maybe he got a patch up with his ex.
  • You are a very confident woman. And you stuck up with a loser. His own insecurities are lined up. He cannot cope with them. Well this is not your problem. Find a better partner.
  • He is already in a relationship. Just you didn’t knew about this. He is left with no choice but to avoid you.
  • Some people likes the game of chasing. It is an adventure for them. They like the initial stage of drama. He fully enjoyed the game of chasing. Now, adrenaline rush is over. You have nothing new to offer him. It hurts but it’s true.

He is playing with you.

  • He is playing with you but still into you. Watch out if-
    • He just watched few youtube videos which insist on ignoring 21 days game. These days everyone consider ignorance a bliss. Pass an information to him with the video link. Hope this helps.
  • His friends didn’t approve you or has discovered some secret of yours. So, he is recollecting himself and in the bundle of thoughts what could be done.
    • He just need little time. Sooner or later you will know what is going on inside his head.
  • He was into you but he figured out he cannot match your expectations. So, he is preparing himself for future heart break.

Why men ignore me. Check his sign.

  • Have you checked his zodiac sign. Scorpio. Maybe, he thinks that you understand him better and your relationship has reached to the point that he don’t have to declare his absence. Scorpio functions this way.
  • Maybe you are overthinking. Or your relationship has reached to the comforfortable level. So, he finds okay not to connect for sometime.

He is completely into you. So, he seems distant.

  1. Female will find this crazy but this is true. Ask any guy before deciding on the commitment issue.
    • Commitment has taken him. He may be deciding on exchanging vows. Or long term planning may going on. Guys acts distant before deciding on major future issues. It is normal for men.
    • He is too much into you. You have overpowered him completely. He is in a fear of losing you. This is a guy thing. They act distancing themselves if they are totally smitten by you. It won’t last long.

Stop asking why men ignore me if you do this.

  1. Have you shown unruly or harsh behaviour towards pets or animals.
  2. Kindness is an alien concept for you.
  3. You do not have anyone on your side through thick and thin.
  4. You do not have real friends and zero social skills.
  5. Some of the female seems very aggressive but in real life they are really sweet and caring. He gets intimidated and left you to ponder why men ignore me.
  6. Your unruly behaviour towards poor and senior citizens can make him despise you. Arrogant women is not a contemporary women. It’s a thing of past.

Watch this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUOkw1qYEt4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUOkw1qYEt4

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