When you don’t text or call a Scorpio man, it makes you more valuable. they like a chase and like an idea that you are not so available. But they will get to know soon if you are up to some game. Genuinely busy and working on the goals makes you irresistible.

Don’t text them first.

Unless there is no Cancer energy in the Scorpio Man chart, never texting will work for you. Playing hard to get is a good idea for this man. You must be knowing that you might have a better explanation for your busy schedule.

As long as you are not playing a game.

Its important for a Scorpio Man that they know you inside out. Once they sense that you are up to some game they will stop chasing you. Its up to you that you are aware what are you bringing on table. You must be busy creating something or chasing your goals. Both the situations will help you.

No text from you makes you more mysterious.

OHHH…You are texting everybody and very active chatting on social media. Really less important people. Scorpio Man or Woman might teach you a lesson. Ignoring or ghosting selectively Scorpio Man is never a good idea. Hope, you might get busy in learning something new.

When you don’t text Scorpio Man after fight.

Well this situation can be tricky when you realized that you were overreacting or clearly being unreasonable. There is a difference between unreasonable person and immature arrogant. Hope you know really well under which line one falls and when. You should call and text when situation demands.

You know Scorpio Man is not doing well.

He is sick or something really bad happened to him. Then, text or call him. Do only when you know him really well. Or he himself in form you about his sickness. You do not want to come across cold hearted and distant person.

No texting or call means you are stable

What other zodiac think or act Scorpio is quite clear that he don’t want to be with clingy and needy person. When you do not call or text him first he thinks that you are emotional stable person. He fears needy and clingy female the most.