Venus in Libra Woman

Libra Venus is a real blessing to native in horoscope. Venus in Libra Woman is a very lucky sign to born with. Beauty and luck go hand in hand. Most of the life path don’t meant any hindrance. This sign makes a native of good nature.

Venus in Libra Woman Appearance

Dimples and glittering eyes are the gift of venus bestow to this very lucky woman. Understandably, Venus will make sure to give her things on platter. She gets undivided attention of opposite gender. A lot of friends and admires are always for her. She will manage to grab eyeballs at any stage in life. Venus in Libra will never make this lady lifepath tough. She will enjoy all the comforts of life without working hard.

What Libra Venus woman is attracted to?

So, Libra Venus is highly attractive to a well mannered and good looking male with lot of brain. Good humor is an added advantage. Though, she is never short of attention still she finds bit hard to select the right one. Logical and graceful, Libra Venus has her own style. She will be famous in her neighborhood or because of her she might get some recognition.

  • Libra Venus is highly attracted to powerful male.
  • Venus in Libra has a logical brain which they use to argument a lot.
  • Libra Venus is a guilty of pleasure seeker.
  • They are jewelry lover.

Venus in Libra Woman in Love

Venus in Libra gives her true love thrice in life. Maybe more than three. She is very demanding in love. A person has to be in consistent in moves. Strangely, she attracts lots of bad guys too. And end up getting hurt. She has an inkling for powerful people. Venus in Libra is a very good sign for those who wants to be in limelight. Libra Venus will be loyal in true love. She needs to respect her partner before loving him. Its natural for Venus in Libra to fall in love with Creative people.

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