Venus in Leo Woman in love and Relationship

Venus in Leo Woman in love and marriage are deal makers. Leo Venus is not for stingy and narrow minded male. Leo Venus live for pride and swell in pride all the time. Venus in Leo make woman territorial and will not share her partner at no cost. Lively Drama queen added with streaks of wit describe Venus in Leo Woman in love and relationship.

Venus in Leo female is Kind and Considerate.

She is not generous to the fault like her male counterpart but kind and considerate. She defends her ego. Everything is secondary to her pride. She do not like to be lag behind. Venus in leo makes female very particular about her position. She is a natural leader and its really painful for her when she is not in picture. She takes active interest in others life.

Leo Venus woman in Love and Marriage

Venus in Leo woman makes a reliable partner in marriage. They are loyal and works to make marriage. She is a responsible partner who will play all her roles perfectly. She will never play weak card. Leo woman likes attention. Domination in any form is unacceptable unless you prove the worth. She can be the most jealous female but acts like a true queen.

  • Venus in Leo Woman in relationship seeks love and comfort. If something goes too wrong, she can actually take a side turn.
  • Her partner should be very attentive of her needs.
  • Her unfulfilled desires can make her test loyalty. Though rants and caveat in form of warnings she will throw on you.
  • You have just one life and it should be live like queen. Her partner must understand, she can be extravagant sometimes.
  • She has a thing for luxury. Her need for expensive handbags and shoes will always be unmet. Leo Venus will always crave for more.
  • Her hunger for designer clothing can never satiated.

Venus in Leo Woman in Friendship

Her weak point is, she cannot differentiate between when it turns into flattery. Her close aides and friends sometimes takes advantage of her weakness. She likes to explore every bit of life. Laughter and courage are two main areas where she gets attracted to. She do not have any place for timid and meek male. People who cannot defend themselves are not true human beings in her opinion. Though in Friendship, Venus in Leo Woman may protect weak. But, if she is your friend, she likes you to stand on your own two feet firmly.

  • Venus in leo Woman is loyal in friendship. You can count on her. She will give you moral and emotional support. If she can financially too.
  • She likes to have fun and want to live life fully. Friends and fun holds important place in her life.
  • She will be the bridesmaid in most of her friends wedding. Very excited about her friends wedding and every event.
  • Venus in leo woman will attend events with full preparations of her friend,s life.


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