Venus in Leo Man is a king of luxuries and want to live like a king. A passive, timid and weak woman has no place in his heart and palace. He want to be with his female version of himself. Being a Witty and very entertaining, he is a soul of party.

Venus in Leo man in Vedic Astrology.

Venus in Leo man in vedic astrology is defined pleasure seeker and kind hearted man. This man behaves like a generous king to his loved ones. He is always on the side of people committed to him. This man will not turn his back to anyone who needs him. Loyal and loving family man do not settle for anything less. He spend lavishly on everything. He likes only best version of everything. Venus in leo man wants to own best things of the world. Anything cheap is a big no to Venus in Leo man.

  • Venus in Leo is the most optimistic person of entire zodiac. He will not lose hope in adverse circumstances. Also, he will not relinquish his dreams for anyone.
  • He is a party hard type. Passionate and full of life. Work hard and party hard is his motto for rest of life. He will not shy away from undertaking any project. No matter, how impossible it seems like.
  • Venus in Leo do not want to waste his time in spreading negativity.
  • He will spoil his loved ones and fulfill all their demands.

Woman liked by Venus in Leo man.

Gorgeous, slim and high maintenance woman is loved by Venus in Leo man. He is not afraid of high maintenance woman. On the contrary, he is the only sign in zodiac who seeks model like woman. She should be like queen. She can be on powerful positions and Venus in Leo man support his lady to maintain her queen like demeanor all the time.

  • Venus in Leo man wants to be with someone the world can be envy of him. He is a show off and believes world revolves around him.
  • He is attracted to very good looking woman. His woman must have great taste in everything.
  • She must be well dressed all the time. He is not very keen to be with meek and timid woman.
  • Venus in Leo man will appreciate courageous woman.
  • He is the most attention seeker sign of zodiac. He wants to be proud of his lady.
  • Venus in Leo will definitely spoil his lady love with the most expensive gifts.
  • The best gifts will possessed by queen of this self proclaimed king.

Love for luxuries.

Even if he don’t own much, his appearance will speak in contrast. You will never find this positive person in any kind of dearth. World will always see his best side even if bank accounts has another story. He may have a good collection of perfume or an expensive wardrobe. He can be anything but never stingy. His company is sought by Gold- diggers. He is aware of such people. Know their psychology better than misers and gold diggers but choose to keep few sidekicks and flunky.

  • He wants to live in palatial house. Surrounded himself by all kinds of luxuries. He wants to have all the materialistic pleasures one can have.
  • He is a true follower of hedonist clan. But, he is generous too. He cannot stand with dirt and filth. Also, he wants to stay away from people he do not feel comfortable.
  • This man do not like to be advised or ordered. He loathe people who gives unnecessary advice to him.
  • He is a authoritative person. For some reason, in professional world, he cannot dominate then his family members should obey and listen to him word by word.
  • Love of his life holds special place in his heart but cannot come in between his dreams. He is too rigid in this regard. Also, he do not want to hear any negative word about his dreams. Anyway, he will pursue them relentlessly.
  • He spend money without giving a second thought. Jewellery and perfumes has the biggest share in his expenditure. He will gift his lady jewellery on every occasion.

Venus in Leo man Marriage

Wedlock is taken seriously by leo man. Though he will take long time to take plunge. The idea to be with one forever scared him. After playing seriously the role of playboy, he will settle. He has lots of expectations from his spouse. She should be presentable and very well dressed all the time.

  • He will prefer beauty over brain. Superficial beauty is fine for him. The only thing he cares for it must be in abundance.
  • His spouse should not interfere in his business or work.
  • This man has few ideas all the time. He will discuss them incessantly and determined to finish them. Also, he do not invite unwarranted suggestions. But, do not expect same behaviour in your pursuits.

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