Venus in Gemini Woman

Venus in Gemini Woman makes this wonderful woman talkative. People assume that she is easy. She can chat with anybody and even after lot of bizarre encounter incidents, she refused to change her ways.

She thinks she is headstrong

Venus in Gemini Woman thinks that she is headstrong. She can tackle everything on her own. She is clever but vain. Her Ways are mostly unproductive. The native of this placement thinks that they are the center of attraction. They are scared of loosing the center of attraction. Dramatic to the core these woman do not look for advises.

When Gemini Woman is done with you

When she is truly done with you, no calls or text will be returned back. She will ignore you all the time. Even if circumstances forced her to communicate, then she will reply coldly.

  • She will cut you off from her life.
  • Find about why she is mad at you. Do not force to communicate. Its best to leave this woman alone when she is angry.
  • Never demand an explanation when she is not at her best.
  • She will get back to you when she feels like doing it.

Venus in Gemini Woman in love

Crazy and stubborn. She maybe good in conversation but in front of the object of affection she is confused. Signs that Venus in Gemini Woman in love with you are really not clear.

  • She will erase your contact details from her contacts. This is to make sure that she do not come as a desperate person.
  • She wants to play it safe. Clearly, she wants you to initiate things. She will reciprocate but will try not to initiate.
  • Venus placement in Gemini makes this woman play cool in Love and relationships.
  • She can take risks in life to be with you.

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