Venus in First house Woman.

Venus in First house Woman in love and relationship is lucky in love. She is blessed for love more than twice. It is a very good placement in horoscope. She gets love from almost every relation present in her life. She has a dynamic personality and blessed with true love in her life. She also gets more opportunities in love than any other female in life.

Venus in first house female

Venus in first house female gets appreciation and lovers from all age. She has a magnetic appearance which is treat to eyes. Her exterior is beautiful. Most of the woman born under this sign has kind persona as well. Venus in first house bless this woman with oozing charm and wit. First house venus gives her attractive physical appearance.

Venus in first house woman gets benefit from Opposite sex.

Venus in first house, in Woman horoscope brings opportunities via opposite gender. Here, we are not talking about gold diggers. In general, Male Boss or superior will prove lucky to this female. She will get support from male throughout her life. She may be more close to her Father compared to Mother.

Venus in first house female love luxuries.

Venus in first house placement in woman horoscope is considered to develop thing for luxuries. Sometimes, a native can develop an addiction as well. Anyway, Venus in first house woman generally likes a company of Male. She is more comfortable with male. This woman has more male friends than any other woman in zodiac.

First house Venus has high aesthetic sense

You will never see venus in first house female in filth and smelly. She will spend her time preening herself. She wants to wear best clothes. Her perfume is always a class. Her makeup is chic. Though, she never compromise on Perfume. She picks best for her. Her fitness regime is clear. No need to mess with it. She consider herself as a celebrity. No wonder, she is popular among friends and certain groups.

VENUS in Leo Woman

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