Venus in Cancer Woman

Venus in Cancer Woman is domesticated home buddy. She will step in cruel outside world to arrange all the comforts in her nest. Cancer Venus takes sadistic pleasure on this lady in a routine. She has sad tales and her audience has to hear almost daily.

Venus in Cancer Woman is sensitive

Cancer Venus in the Woman horoscope makes her highly sensitive. She is over nurturing sometimes. Cancer Venus likes to take care of family and friends. She can cook the most delicious dishes. Her pancakes and cakes are the worth to spend quite an amount. But, she seems to have inferiority complex. Cancer Venus makes her doubt for her decisions. Interestingly, She can take the best decisions for others. A piece of advice is asked by her friends very often.

Venus in Cancer Woman is toll on herself and on her close aids.

Sorry to say these hard words. But if lacks support system, she can be the one, shun by close one. She is a well wisher by heart but her interference makes her appear boorish sometimes. Cancer Venus gives this female beautiful feature. She has some artistic talent as well. She has few hobbies like knitting and gardening.

Venus in Cancer is Overprotective Mother

Overprotective mothers who wants her children dependent on her for their emotional needs. They ended up by being hurt. They have some timeless wounds which refused to heal. No therapist can heal those wounds. She is very Nostalgic also. Good Old days is her favorite rhyme which she sings like lullaby.

Cancer Venus makes her very feminine. She may have developed some phobias. Also, she is good at managing things regarding money. She is stingy by nature. She do not like to spend money lavishly and her mind is always on savings mode. Venus in Cancer woman has some addiction in the form of beverages or sweet.

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