Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio rising in horoscope make Triple Scorpio. Indeed, very few have this privilege. You do not meet Triple Scorpio everyday. Getting close to Triple scorpio is an life changing event. Your life will not be same for sure. This blog throws light on TRIPLE Scorpio-SAINT-SHAMAN-SINNER.

Triple Scorpio is born with exceptional powers.

This is true they have control and are blessed with some talent. But, how to use this talent is totally up to themselves. Saint, Shaman and Sinner, they can take any role. They’re known for their extremities. So, whatever role they undertake they play it seriously.


Scorpio focus is legendary. They live for passion. So, when spiritual matters gets clicked, they chase sainthood to extreme. They practise spirituality to the core. The best saints who seems attained self control are the result of triple scorpio. Some practise celibacy in theory and practise. One Thing For sure. Never pissed triple scorpio. Maybe they ignore you or forgive you.


The greatest shaman of all time are scorpios. Other zodiac is not even remotely close when come to the role of shaman. Scorpio is responsible for healing so many people lives. Scorpio helped innumerable people from the clutches of evil. But then, there is also a dark side of it. Scorpio can change lives for bad as well. Wicked and cruel shaman who can actually make life living hell for any person. They do not feel guilt about it. Evil done by triple scorpio can only counter by Triple Scorpio itself.

  • They are excellent black magic practitioners.
  • White magic has come to existence because of triple Scorpio. White magic counter the evil effects of black magic.
  • Triple Scorpio has the ability to heal any bad effect.
  • Scorpio rising can heal the person facing issues of stagnancy. Even at times, they are not aware of their potential.


There is no great sinner than Dark Scorpio. They do not call anything sin. Nothing is good or bad to them. Nor, they are scared of consequences. Their logic is unbeatable. Lots of gifted surgeons and medical practitioners have triple Scorpio in their horoscope. They misuse their gifted talent. Instead of helping mankind, they do reverse. When Scorpio choose to downplay, no logic or kindness works for them.