Top ten gifts for Scorpio woman.

Gifts are testimony of love. Manifestation of love can be measured by the gifts. At least, “queen of The Zodiac” hot Scorpio woman thinks this way. Selecting Gifts for this classy and independent woman is itself a full time job. These top ten gifts for Scorpio woman help to cement your place in her heart.

  1. Bouquet
  2. Jewellery
  3. Handbag/wallet
  4. Latest gadgets
  5. Diamond/Platinum
  6. Books
  7. Perfumes.
  8. Corum golden bridge watches
  9. Hermes matte collection of bags
  10. Platinum guild stilettos

Fitness tracker watch or bands.

  • She is a career oriented woman. Less time to take care for herself. This gift makes sense. She will like if it is of a good brand and elegant in look.
  • Fitness bands as a gift are perfect only in a friendship.

Do not gift if.

  • You have romantic intentions for her and want to date her in future.
  • She needs to shed kilos of weight and you think it is a good idea to remind her.
  • Never gift her band on her birthday. She wants to enjoy a day and let her be happy.

Skill enhancement.

  • Independent and financially sound woman can anyday pay for her course. But if you want her in a long run can be a best bet.
  • Her career is equally important to you and it shows real care and affection.
  • The only caveat in this regard is you are dating her and you knows her little.
  • Otherwise will bring a storm in your world. If she is dating you for a while, its okay to go ahead.


  • Cool fragrance with souring price is a Scorpio female thing. This strong woman wears moderate or light fragrance.
  • Strong fragrance repels her. Avoid strong perfume.
  • Light or moderate fragrance are purchased by her.


  • It would be a discovery if female of this planet do not like diamonds.
  • Diamonds have a power to melt heart of anyone.
  • It would be very thoughtful of you a piece of diamond for office use.
  • Mature Scorpio woman loves Diamond. In fact, they like it more than gold or platinum as well.


  • She has a vast collection of handbags.
  • Every kind of handbag makes room in her collection.
  • Best gift for this female is handbag or wallet.
  • She becomes too attached to her collection and hardly lend anyone her precious collection.
  • Avoid Cheap quality products.


  • Books are the safest bet for any Scorpio man and female. The best part is even if your scorpio friend do not like to read much. She still has collection of books.
  • Famous authors books or any best sellers will make her day.
  • Scorpio woman will accept any book gifted to her happily.
  • She likes to read biography of famous people.

New gadget.

  • Scorpio female do not want to left behind. She is tech savvy woman and never shy from learning new things. New gadget in market which makes her work at ease is a perfect gift on her birthday, Valentine day or Friendship day.
  • Also spend some time to make her understand how the gadget functions.


  • Jewellery is a piece of heart filled with pure love for most of the female. Since time immemorial, it is considered the most sought gift for anyone. It is relevant today as well.
  • Buy any kind of jewellery. Scorpio will like it. Just do not gift her stone art jewellery collection on her birthday.
  • The idea of cheap or plastic jewellery may led her rethink equation of friendship or love. Never gift her plastic or cheap things.

Bouquet and Chocolates

  • The power of flowers and sweets is enough to melt any female heart.
  • When you have a tight budget then rely on them. This strong and independent woman will appreciate the flowers and chocolate.
  • Just make sure Flowers are fresh and no artificial smell is used.

Make up kit(precautions).

In love-

  • You know her from very long time and knows all her inside out.
  • Classy, Expensive and Big brand are her things.
  • Keep it at last if you didn’t find anything meaningful for her.

In friendship-

  • Best gift if you know her taste. She will keep you close to her heart forever.
  • Please check the product manufacturing date. Buy the latest one.
  • Do not gift her anything from sale. She loathe the idea behind.
  • Anything cheap or second copy can be detected in a glance.