Top Ten Gifts for Scorpio Man.

Scorpio have a taste and Selecting gift for Scorpio is quite challenging. We will suggest gifts which will cherish by Scorpio forever. New Gadgets of top technology are the best one to gift Scorpio male. These Top ten gifts for Scorpio man are the best bets on his birthday/ friendship or Valentine day.


  • Thought provoking books are highly sought by any Scorpio. Young or Mature Scorpio, books are the ultimate gift for any Scorpio.
  • Avoid books on self help courses or the skills improvement. Scorpio loathe the idea of being told what to learn.
  • Political, Economics, Technology or Science fiction, any book which reflects good taste will keep you in good books of Scorpio forever.
  • Classic books by famous topics and author also makes sense.
  • Remember your gift will reveal what you think about Scorpio. Mature Scorpio thinks this way.

Avoid books on Black magic.

  • Scorpio have a reputation for interest in black magic or art. If you do not want to piss Scorpio forever then never commit this act of stupidity.
  • Scorpio in public, will never admit that these topics drive him crazy.
  • Scorpio will never acknowledge his interest on these topics at least in public.
  • No matter how close you are with Scorpio, do not gift these type of fiction book.

New gadgets.

  • Scorpio wants to have everything new in market. At least in terms of technology, Scorpio do not want to stay behind. This could be a best gift for a Scorpio friend, lover or any male Scorpio.
  • Scorpio will save relentlessly to buy big new in market in technology. Others will just wait for the reviews and Scorpio will have the product.

Sports Kit.

  • This gift is cool if you really know Your Scorpio is into it. He will appreciate it.
  • Scorpio will make the best use of gifted sports kit.
  • He might get in to real action as well. Put some effort to learn the sport. The idea behind gift certaintaily will not get unnoticed for sure.

Comedy movie or Fun-series subscription.

  • Scorpio likes laughter and fun. He never miss opportunity of hearty laugh. But people has misconception about Scorpio.
  • Cartoon series are mostly watch by Scorpions.
  • Funny web series or comedy movies are the best stress buster for Scorpio.
  • Scorpio will adore you after receiving such gifts. Firstly, he gets to know what you think about him. And, he will count your persona in a charming people who makes him smile. For sure, You have your Scorpio.

Avoid anything on dark theme, murder or horror.

  • Scorpio will accept anything you gift gracefully and thank you in a series. But, these are not a best gift for Scorpio. No matter, how much you read about Scorpio appreciating dark themes.
  • Most of the Scorpio will never acknowledge their fondness for dark subjects.


  • Scorpio has a thing for good fragrances. All you need to care to go for a expensive and best fragrance for men. Scorpio loathe cheap perfumes.
  • Do not forget to write flattering lines for your cool Scorpio.


  • Wallet is also good option for Scorpio friend or boyfriend. You do not know your guy too well or maybe it is just a beginning. In both the scenario, Wallet will turn out to be a best bet.
  • Scorpio loves functional and practical gifts. He will even appreciate shaving kits or day to day items. No other zodiac will be happy to receive such things but try on Scorpio. You will make room in his heart, permanently.

Pet(In accordance of his life style).

  • You have never seen this even temperament guy jumping in sheer joy. Try this out and hold camera on.
  • Check on his lifestyle and allergies with particular kind. He loves pets because Scorpio strongly needs someone on shower his love and care.
  • Also check he has a liking for dog, cat or fish.
  • If nothing comes in your mind gift him a small money plant.

Plant or visit to orphanage.

  • Nothing matches the passion of Scorpio doing something meaningful. Give him an opportunity to save the world.
  • Plantation activity or spending time in an orphanage is equal to him. Buy plants and gift him. Buy items yourself which you want Scorpio to donate to orphanage.
  • Scorpio will cherish these memories lifetime. Maybe, you find Scorpio on every birthday at these places.
  • Scorpio will truly like your action. He will become emotional. During emotive stages he is more quiet. Do not mistake his silence for something else. You may receive small thank you. Be content with it and understand he appreciated.

Practical gifts to Scorpio is indeed a highway to his heart. Scorpio will observe your gifts as well. Stay away from cheapness when shop for Scorpio. Rewards will surprize you. Scorpio as a friend, lover or mentor is a reward in itself.

Surprize Party.

  • Scorpio likes to be loved and feel loved. He will be happy. Typical Scorpio will just add small expressions. But he is happy inside out.
  • Invite his close friends. Scorpio is full of laughter and his sarcastic side will come out without filter.
  • Scorpio do not mind if any experiment is also comes on the way. He will try it out.

Do not plan party if your Scorpio is undergoing financial difficulties.

  • Scorpio is planning too much and executing things on his own. It will disrupt his inner planning.
  • He do not like anything when financial problems are around. He cannot enjoy at that time.
  • Please understand, he is in emergency mode. He will not rest until out of this phase.

WWF tickets or any live sport event.

  • Scorpio is a sports person. He himself enjoy sports activities watching and playing.
  • Jumpy and sporty man on his birthday for sure a treat to the eyes if he is Scorpio.


Practical daytoday gifts(what he needs).

  • Bookshelf or side table is a functional gift which will add value to his life.
  • Scorpio is little different from other zodiac and most intelligent indeed. Things add value or make his work simpler meant most to him.
  • Computer accessories or pendrives makes more sense to Scorpio.
  • Tool-kit or car accessories will be prefered by Scorpio more than Bouquet or box of chocolates.

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