Top 10 strange jobs pays good salary.

Here is the list of top 10 things which is actually believed to do by Scorpio in a row. Scorpio can take risk and wanted to try everything at least once. The top 10 strange jobs pays good salary mostly taken by Scorpions.

Vampire Party theme or Real life action.

  • If someone has real guts to organize vampire party theme or who knows a real life action( pun intended) count on Scorpio.
  • Their love for Vampirism make them unique after all. Their quest for knowing unknown is a one thing found in all Scorpios.

Languages- love, learn and linguist.

  • Scorpio have a thing for languages. They can master any language spoken by people around them. They pick language very fast.
  • Multilingual People are usually Scorpio. Unknowingly, Scorpios are mastering the craft and world do not have much idea about their gift of language.
  • Mostly linguist are Scorpio and by default learn language.

Detective or Investigator

  • Do not take Scorpio reputation lightly. If Scorpio is not doing anything its analyzing situations.
  • They can excruciate facts from situations. Horror, real life, family or anything Scorpio will give you the exact picture what happened if facts are given truly.
  • Anonymity is the basic requirement of the job and typical scorpio has no thrust of shining in the limelight.

Juggler, Ocularist or Doula.

  • Any weird profession and count Scorpio in. Scorpio wants to add value or devalue.
  • That is the reason why weird profession comes under practise.
  • Anything related with Ocularist or palmist Scorpio is in moon, ascendant or sun. The more skilled the person is chances are there double or triple Scorpio is in work.
  • Scorpio has given so much to mankind.


  • Sniper has the glorified past and a promising future. But, it is not uncommon to find Scorpio the best sniper of swat team.
  • Scorpio ace the job. No doubt, sniper has to bring his best in hostile conditions but scorpio is built for this naturally.

Professional snuggler and kisser.

  • Scorpio has Invented all the Super weird but amazing jobs. And guess what. They left their Midas touch everywhere. Who can be better kisser than Scorpio.
  • Snuggle professionally and getting huge money in return is not every zodiac thing. Scorpio excel in the art. Therapist at work.

Famous love guru Youtuber.

  • Check the list of the people you bet on best relationship advice. Mostly, Scorpio is at work.
  • Scorpio is an artist and invented the art of seduction. No wonder these Scorpions are making so much money on Youtube and websites.

Shaman or Astrologer.

  • Have you come across some marvellous astrologer. Scorpio is a king of this profession. If Scorpio chooses to downplay then Shaman is also a thing of Scorpio.
  • Being a Shaman do not stopped Scorpio. He Has his own reasons to be it. Scorpio choose himself to be one and remains best at work.

Storyteller or Game changer.

  • Storytelling in an interesting way is not a child game. How about adult storytelling session.
  • Scorpio also impart weird strategic advices which proves game changer in other people lives.


  • Scorpio puts marvellous skills when taking up a role of magician. The best of Magicians of all times are Scorpions.
  • Scorpio takes pride in leaving people awestruck.
  • The more mysterious element he bring on to the stage, more joy and satisfied he is on his job.

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