Scorpio Woman with Scorpio Man.

Scorpio Woman with Scorpio man in love, marriage and how they are with each other in friendship. Compatibility in marriage and relationship brings fortune and stability in their lives. They are power couple in many ways. Scorpio man is not miser in giving deserving respect and space to his woman.

Scorpio woman and Scorpio Man in love.

Scorpions together in love, lust or in bed makes a powerful and create unforgettable moment for themselves. They start with friendship which is fake because they both are so attracted to each other. They both can feel each other. Though they remain confused unless one decided to lower their guard and open up with each other. Their chemistry can felt by everyone nearby but they will remain confused about their feelings. Hilarious right.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man in Marriage.

Once they decide to tie a knot first few years will be fulfilling experience. They quench their thirst of soulmate love. They both are passionate and never bored of each other. Both are attractive and independent. Just indecent past of each other sometimes create a stir but still everything is just fine. This marriage is very peaceful experience for Scorpio woman. They are attune to each other system and know what to hide and reveal at what time. Unfortunately, patience and softness also plays a part which this woman tends to oversee if surrounded by wrong mentor or friends. They are a very big hit in bed. This woman becomes very enticing for Scorpio man.

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Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man in one night stand.

One night stand for them is lots of strings attached comes. They both act like most nonchalant people when one night stand cross them. Sadly, it is not true. If they know each other beforehand then they are aware it is not going to be just one night. If they do not know beforehand at all, then it may makes sense. They deliberately do not ask contact numbers but they both want to make it happen again. Again one night. After one more night. Just one more.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man compatibility.

They start with a bang. This woman is never so happy when Scorpio declare his love for her. Scorpio woman kiss goodbye to her mysterism and turned out to be bubbly and chirpy diva. She acts as a true libran beauty with saying yes to everything coming her way. He is so dedicated to her that just a thought of dating her with someone makes him jealous. This is a time when they create beautiful memories for lifetime. They stage Perfect Romance like Romeo and Juliet. He has a perfect solution to all her pain and sufferings. And he is glad he met someone with striking similarities. They make a great pair initially. After sometime, differences arises when this career oriented lady is bored of acting submissive. The situation is challenging when they both share the same workplace.

Scorpio woman and Scorpio man in friendship.

In friendship they make normal friends. They are capable to hang out without much fuss. They will chat without asking much private questions. Even imparting free advice is not their cup of tea. But One of them will definitely warn each other if they sense something wrong. Their friendship can run deep as time passes by. Gradually they turned out to be very sympathetic to each other.They can tell if each other so many things which lead to surprize themselves. But sadly, they choose to make their friendship strictly to the boundaries when it turns deep.

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