Scorpio man and Libra woman in Relationship.

Scorpio man and libra woman relationship is a dreamy relationship at least in early days. It blossom into meaningful relationship if Scorpio man is mature enough to handle the finest woman of zodiac.

Scorpio man is smitten by Charismatic libra.

Bubbly, Charming and well- mannered libra is noticed by Scorpio. Soon, his knowledge and logic is defeated by Libra. Her beautiful smile and etiquette makes her heroine of his dreams. Her impeccable style makes her stand apart from rest of the crowd. Now, the game is on. Manipulation do not work with her. Her logic makes him speechless.

Libra woman becomes his dream girl.

She seems to be a woman choosy Scorpio was waiting for. Her knowledge and selection of books surprised him. For all his life, he seems to be careful of people. With her everything seems to be different. He want to share time with her. Scorpio want to share himself with her. Her beautiful smile makes his day.

Libra woman makes Scorpio happy.

He is truly happy with her in a initial phase of relationship. A sudden rush of happiness occur after seeing her smiling face. Her presence makes him happy. Scorpio felt his heart full of joy. Something he never experience before. The feeling is so soothing. Just exchange of smile brings peace to his painful heart. He wanted to feel these feelings again. Ohhh..she is an addiction and Scorpio is addict.

Scorpio man is defeated by libra woman.

Scorpio man is alone and now he study carefully about charming lady. What if she left him. What if..and so on. He realized she has overpowered him. She is a perfect lady. Full of ethics and values. His sexuality is a lethal weapon which has been used by him time and again. With libra woman it serves no purpose. Moreover, she scorn promiscuity.

Problem areas in Scorpio and Libra

The initial phase is over. The soothing tone of libran turned into argumentative for Scorpio. To him, Charming ways of Libra woman is the path leads to attention seeking. Her friendly nature is mistaken as a flirt. Scorpio do not want to understand that this intelligent lady is just a people friendly.

Indecisive and confused.

She do not want to take decision.Libra wants to take her time to decide on anything. If forced to take decision its leads to chaos. This delay in decision making is not something admired by Scorpio. For him, it is a very unbearable situation. Another fuel to Scorpio fire is her legendary confusion. Why is a confusion if some choice has to be made. Several rounds of discussion and confusion is still there.

Her incessant need for admiration.

She wants compliments. What it takes to say a good words if one can endlessly criticize you for little delay in decision making. Libra woman thinks this daily. She has her own logic. Libran pride comes in a way to discuss this matter to him. Libra do not like conflict but bully Scorpio makes her to doubt her own-self. Gradually, feeling of worthless slowing making room in her mind. When she received appreciation from outside she understood she needs to find the right one.

Scorpio man tries his best to keep her.

When he is sure of finding a right woman Libra woman drop hints of moving on. Suddenly, feminism is the topic. When confronted by Scorpio she plainly tells she is not ready for commitment or break one. Scorpio has to work really hard to get this charming woman. Now, being insecure he try on everything. Manipulation, controlling, stalking and invading her private space.