Scorpio man and Cancer woman in Relationship.

Scorpio man and Cancer woman relationship can be Normal and Long term. Especially, it works a lot better after Scorpio man has gone through rough patches in ex-relationships.

Scorpio Man trust his cancer woman than other zodiac.

If it is love than scorpio man brings so much to his cancer woman. He even started adjusting her clinginess over a period of time. Because Cancer woman gives scorpio man a trust, control over herself and stability. Home is very dear to Scorpio as well. He rests there to regain energy. What more Scorpio wants if affection, love and sex all under one roof.

Cancer woman is his close aide and friend.

He will never give a secret in which he is involved as a culprit, guilty or shame. But for cancer woman he may share emotions. He is very protective of her. Her emotional and mental health is equally important for him. If something he do not brings to her notice it is just because she worries a lot. cares for her and not because he is hiding something from her.

What keeps going Cancer woman and Scorpio man?

Travel. She likes to travel and do not mind little bit adventure as well. They both love water and nature. Greenery make them relaxed. Sometimes few phobias also bring them closer. Scorpio likes to her hero and she acts vulnerable. Which makes scorpio emergency button turned on. Cancer woman is less like vulnerable and acts more like this. It turns Scorpio on. Also, she knows when and where to stretch the game.

Beautiful Cancer woman and hot Scorpio man.

She is so sensitive but beautiful. Scorpio appreciate beauty but brains should be there in the form of skills, art or some unique talent. Our cute cancer woman has artistic talent. Scorpio man cannot love anything he finds worthless. For Scorpio one must earned his respect deserves his love. With cancer homebuddy woman he lowers his demands down. Without losing love for her. There is a secret ingredient possessed only by cancer woman which scorpio man seeks. Their bond seems unbreakable after first few years. Even if break up happens for some reasons scorpio man care and craves for her. Secretly.

Problem areas in relationship of Scorpio man and Cancer woman.

Scorpio man likes to chat with his friends. Friends are replaced by books or some kind of meaningful learning. Cancer woman feels unloved, unutilized or unworthy. Which leads to conflict. Conflict with Cancer woman is not very evident. Only when she explodes with sheer hopelessness then her abject condition is clear to scorpio man. Surprisingly, Scorpio man who is said to be the king of intuition in zodiac cannot tell what is going in her head.

The grey zone in Scorpio man and Cancer woman relationship.

Her clinginess for young and immature Scorpio leads to a break up. Her over nurturing and care is sometimes answered by ruthless and cruel carefreeness of Scorpio man. Scorpio man humour is wrapped by sarcasm. Her tender and sensitive heart cannot take the sarcasm of Scorpio. Cancer woman has very sharp memory and accumulates all the sarcastic grin in her elephant memory which leads to negativity. Poor scorpio man will only know when she release her energy that how many times poor cancer woman had march to hell due to some random words.

Red flags in Scorpio man and Cancer woman relationship.

Cancer woman thinks she invested herself wholeheartedly in a relationship. Scorpio man wherewithal to open fully makes her sensitive heart in pain. He may also indulged in extramarital affairs but never let her go. Cancer woman cherish good times and forgive him. But every time something gets broken inside her. Scorpio man have sympathy towards her which cancer woman mistake as a pity. Gradually, which leads to bickering or silence. When Cancer woman is deeply hurt, only her quietness will be loud.

Scorpio and Cancer Attraction

Scorpio rising male and Moon in Scorpio trust the Cancer Woman. Comfort zone and Ease falls in place relatively early with this Female. Mood swings of Cancer woman is the only thing which adds confusion in the mind of Scorpio.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

She is typical crab or introvert. She can be anything. True Liberal but follows every tradition of her family. She seems conservative but talk to her. She advocate the modernity in everything. She conserve her values fervently but rarely judge anyone.

Signs Cancer Female like Scorpio Man.

Cancer woman is shy and rarely take the first move in love. Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain whether she likes Scorpio or not. Because, this beautiful female is considerate and nice to almost everyone.

  • She will display mood swings.
  • Her personality changes significantly. She will spend hours preening herself.
  • Truly happy to see you but may ignore you. She will not understand what to say when overwhelmed with emotions.
  • Most of the Cancer female are nervous when left alone with their crush. She may not initiate the conversation.
  • Cancer woman will display her values in some form to make you realise that is not someone who can be played. This is a sure sign that she likes you a lot and want you to take initiative.
  • She praises you sometimes and compliments you.
  • Cancer woman will put her best efforts getting information about you. You will never come to know about this until she herself open up. Sometimes, she badmouth you in front of other people just to know about you.

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