Scorpio ascendant or rising woman in love.

Scorpio Ascendant or rising woman in love is the queen of the zodiac. Queen can be Benevolent or evil. All depends what you want from queen. She is the true woman who will command respect from opponents as well. Scorpio rising lady is also the most misunderstood woman of zodiac.

Scorpio Ascendant lady is clever.

This woman is extremely clever. She can read your mind accurately without making it evident. Her mind is sharp but sometime, she refrain herself from speaking truth. Scorpio rising woman is little self centered as well. Scorpio ascendant makes her of commanding nature. She has leadership qualities.

Scorpio rising lady is resilient.

Yes, she is not scared of difficulties. She will not lost her cool in adverse circumstances. Scorpio rising woman is able to write her own fortune by her own able hands. She is not dependent on others. Scorpio Ascendant lady may ask for umpteen advice but at the end she will do what she thinks is right. She is very independent by nature. One cannot control this woman by showing anger. She will put you on your place sooner or later.

Eight house of horoscope.

Pluto, ruler of eighth house is in her ascendant. Pluto has blessed this lady the power to rise again from ashes. She can easily tackle situations which other woman of zodiac finds impossible to do. Mars has given Scorpio rising woman an immense courage. She is fond of sports. She will also take revenge if deeply hurt or insulted. Probability is when insulted there is no turning back. She will definitely seek revenge. Silently or openly.

Scorpio ascendant woman glare.

Her beautiful eyes can run a shiver into spine. She has a hypnotic effect in her black eyes. Scorpio rising lady cannot stand for cheapness. So, whenever cheapness cross her she sends signal to stop. It is her inbuilt defence mechanism.

Scorpio ascendant or scorpio rising woman is capable of maintaining gender neutral friendships for very long.

Pain in Scorpio ascendant woman life.

Early part of life of Scorpio ascendant lady is not so good. She has gone through many pain and sufferings. Those painful memories strike her back till now. Those valuable and painful lessons has made her of iron metal. Scorpio rising lady do not believe in shortcuts in life. With sheer hard work and determination, she will take long route of success. But, this success is earned by her. She will be so proud of herself.

Sign Scorpio ascendant woman likes you.

  • Scorpio rising lady will treat you with respect. Earning her respect is itself a compliment.
  • Scorpio ascendant woman will not give glare but stare.
  • She is attentive to your words compared to others.
  • She will open up to you more. If she share her dreams or future plan with you, even better.
  • She clearly discriminate you and other people. You will get undivided attention of hers.
  • Scorpio rising female will laugh at your jokes when no one can.
  • She will be more direct to you for your better. To win you, she has to downplay something is beyond her standards. Appreciate her gesture. At least, you got one friend who can impart honest opinion.
  • She will test you. Scorpio rising lady will not invest herself even in friendship without testing.
  • She will take stand for you. Scorpio rising female are very protective of their loved ones.

She is one lady of zodiac for whom friend and lover are never interchangeable.

She is one lady of zodiac for whom friend and lover place are never interchangeable.

Scorpio ascendant or rising woman in love.

  • Feminine and good looking man attracts her.
  • Scorpio rising female cannot hide her emotions for too long.
  • Scorpio ascendant lady will ignore you initially.
  • She will be protective of you. She will stalk you on social media.
    • Stalking frequently is a sure sign as this woman do not have any time for foolish games.
  • She will test you and try to be aloof.
  • She will notice your every single detail(dressing style, shoes, shirt). She will not miss anything.
  • Scorpio rising have all ears about your information. She can tell you something about yourself if some confusion is there.
  • She wants to add value in your life. If she has fall for you upto this level then make a move.
  • Scorpio ascendant or rising woman in love surrender themselves to their lover.
  • This strong headed woman do not mind being bit submissive to her man.
  • Scorpio rising lady cannot see a dent in his lover respect.