Sagittarius woman with Scorpio man in love.

Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man in love can be anything from match made in heaven to hell. Scorpio man learn, unlearn and unleash his woman to be in a relationship. Both create a very interesting pair of zodiac.

Scorpio and Sagittarius attraction.

  • This fatal attraction change Scorpio a lot which may be seasonal but Scorpio truly enjoys the company of Sagittarius.
  • He unleash his controlling and jealous streak and allows him to the joy of jupiter rays. Sagittarius on other hand has no interest in gothic art or vampire stories of Scorpio.
  • Still she is infatuated with the attractive looks of Scorpio. Killer smile of Scorpio adds to it. At this moment, whatever Scorpio says is okay with Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius woman is under spell of Scorpio man.

  • She doesn’t mind hitting bed with Scorpio man bit soon. His fatal attraction and sexuality made her weak.
  • She initiates things and Scorpio man is more than happy. He is aware of his sexuality and she surrenders sooner than any other female of the zodiac. Sagittarius lives in a moment.
  • Her freedom loving attitude with the wisdom helps Scorpio discover himself. Her wisdom makes Scorpio doubt his own perspective sometimes.

Scorpio gets stumbled upon wisdom and freedom.

  • Scorpio eventually discovered her worth and start value her more than ever. Now things get intense. Scorpio jealous and controlling nature is evident.
  • She discovered that Scorpio player is better than intense Scorpio lover. They decide to go on break. It happens more than once.
  • Sagittarius female will give maximum two chance to mend the ways to any other zodiac. But for Scorpio she is very forgiving.
  • She will give control in relationship to Scorpio male. If this relationship blossom into marriage then the hidden sacrifices of Sagittarius are there.

Scorpio man has advantages in this relationship.

  • This is one relationship of zodiac which proves very advantageous for Scorpio man.
  • If it works Scorpio gets more peaceful and happy than previous. This is more true in terms of Scorpio rising man.
  • Even if it doesn’t work Scorpio underwent through transformation. His personality is rich and logic gets its way.

Strange facts of this relationship.

  • Scorpio man do not stalk at the end of this relationship. This is even true if Sagittarius female breaks up.
  • Sagittarius female becomes bitter after the end of long term relationship but takes her time to get into other.
  • Scorpio gets so much from her in terms of her wisdom, sex and cool memories. She gives so much to him without much expectation in return. He is ultimate winner at least with this zodiac.

What keeps them together?

  • She has never seen Scorpio acting like an idiot nor he is in actual. She likes this trait as she cannot handle immature male for long.
  • His attractive looks also plays an prominent role deciding duration of relationship. His sexuality and smile drive this female crazy.
  • Scorpio reputation in bed makes her more crazy for him. He is independent and do not mind dating women in authority. Also, he is okay with female making more money than him.
  • In a long term relationship Scorpio do not cheat and is a loyal partner.

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