Moon in Gemini Woman

Moon in Gemini Woman horoscope makes native of dual nature. They are self obsessed. Intelligent and Interesting are the two key words define moon in Gemini personality.

Moon in Gemini in Vedic Astrology

Gemini moon adds extra talents to this person but they gets creative ideas from good moon energy. They can take risks for things they really wants in life. Good business and very good in communication with friends. They like talking and release much of the stress by sharing their cool ideas with people. They are so much in conversation but after the whole thing its difficult to figure about the main idea behind the conversation.

  • Gemini Moon hates monotony.
  • The native have Gemini moon in horoscope gets bored easily and cannot focus too long on anything.
  • They are lost in dreams. One after another. They have categories in dream too.
  • Their dreams are very vivid and fascinating.
  • Gemini moon acts like a loner and needs a lot of personal space.
  • The placement of moon makes the native really gullible but intelligent. They cannot function in depression. Overthinking can be a serious problem fro the native.

Gemini Moon Woman personality

Gemini Moon is dual personality. So, they have multiple talents. They are almost good in everything. At least it looks from surface. But, the truth it they get bore from details. Something they do not know is the micro details of anything.

  • She seems gullible and easily misunderstood.
  • Moon in Gemini Woman holds lot of vibrant vibes. She is sunshine for so many people.
  • She is friendly but not a forever friend type person.
  • Gemini moon makes this woman very interesting in communication. But, sometimes she comes easy to opposite gender.
  • She is the most misunderstood woman in the entire zodiac.
  • Gemini moon woman loves drama. She can make very simple task into the most complicate and dramatic thing. And vice versa.

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