How to spot Narcissist man

How to spot Narcissist man early can really be helpful and save you from hurt. But its really tough to spot them because of their charming ways. Narcissist are irresistible and come up as engaging in starting period. Which is way it makes them really tough to spot.

How they react when they are hurt.

This is a best way to test Narcissistic person. The kind of abuse they hurl to another person makes sure someday you would also line up for the same response. They talk complete trash for apparently small reason. When they act humble, they are slightly out of the line.

They thrive on Attention.

Narcissistic Man is a attention seeker. Even they say they do not like to be in lime light, they are seeking for attention. If you love or hate narcissistic, they enjoy the emotional energy you are investing into them. What they cannot survive is complete avoidance. You fail to recognize narcissistic male and they die little bit. Just don,t act to remember the conversations you had with them and they will serially question about the ignorance you come up with.

Narcisstic Man will ignore you.

Once they charmed you, they are done with you. They will definitely ignore the victim. If for unknown reason this amazing guy acts cold or try to teach some passive lessons to you, Please run. You have decode the code of narcissistic man.

Narcissistic man are detached.

Well behaved and charm are two lethal weapons they use mostly. Detachment from people is the best strength possess. Hardly you will hear from them and even if they call or text, they are up to something. You would always be a giver in a relationship.

They lie a lot but appear open book.

You check the details of the polished lies they are lined up. Of course, they appear open book and can accept their faults without flinch. This is just to appear trustworthy in your eyes. Catch some of their lies. Narcissist man loves themselves. Also, they can do anything in their dream world. They talk as if they are going to become someone important in future.

How to avoid narcissist guy.

How to spot Narcissist man and avoid them can be very tricky. They would smother you with lot of attention when you are thinking their game is over. Enjoy the attention and forget.

How to kick ass of Narcissist man