How to recognize false twin flame

How to recognize false twin flame is certainly very intrigue subject. It sucks the energy of the person. The cycle of energies went into positive and creative but definitely with time it sucks your positivism and vitality. False twin flame become burden after passage of time.

You will not be in contact.

The first sign of false twin flame is that you at some point of time lost communication. Even if one of you will try other will not respond on time. Also one will take energy at other expense. One will grow and other progress will be sluggish. One will continue to ignore other or not respond in accordance of others expectation. This is the sure sign to recognize false twin flame.

Sure sign to recognize false twin flame

If you are the one reading blog and feel very hurt then the other one is definitely experiencing time of their life. This is the another sure sign to recognize false twin flame. The actual reason of hurt one cannot decipher. If you feel that something is left unsaid and untold, most likely you are with false twin flame. The untold feelings will perpetuate in grudge. The more you hold yourself you feel the need to release the energy.

Third sign to recognize false twin flame

Communication via telepathy is a real thing and not something you seems wondering something went wrong with you. Even false twin flames can contact you and can exchange your energy. And its not they are doing it deliberately. The vibrancy of your life is going somewhere else. if you are a victim then cut down the communication immediately.

You feel humiliated in the entire story

If this is the scenario then the toxic false twin flame has tried to harm you. The false flame was with some karmic debt. The emotions and humiliation you experienced are enough to identify the false twin flame. The pain of embarrassment is not a part of twin flame journey. This just explains that you dealt with the false twin flame.

How to recognize your twin flame