There is no secret that it hurts a lot. Abandoned without warning is unbearable. Here we will discuss how to kick hard ass of Narcissistic and get even. The only caveat is, hopefully you are sure of dealing with a narcissistic company. How to Kick Ass of Narcissistic should come with a closure.

Always remember revenge is the best revenge. Nothing can make you relieve without kicking his ass very hard. Maybe he will not feel the equal pain but for sure they do not like their attention get diverted so easily. It brings too much shame to them. They will keep an eye from distance.

Tell them they are Narcissistic

Tell them that they have a pattern of Narcissistic and you were well aware of this coming. Do not text them frequently. Text them once in a while in few months. You will get their reply for sure but do not answer them before months. This will kill them. Killing them by their own method is kind of strangulating them. But, they will never admit it. Always remember, you are dealing a cold heart person and they do not deserve your sympathy. They actually cannot love anybody else other than themselves.

Their favorite game is Blame

So they would turn to blame you for everything. This is their favorite past time. Please do not treat yourself bad. Tell them they are being in a bad pattern. Also, clear that you are always open for constructive criticism from logical person. You will shock them.

Play with your head

Accomplish a very big task or learn something very skillful. There is always something big but difficult to accomplish. It may require a lot of dedication and time. The news will kill them. Mixed emotions of jealousy and not being around you would make regret them their decisions.

Invite them for something only to forget

Do play this game without any remorse. They do not deserve any kind of sympathy. Maybe you are longing for their company but they would never fulfill you. Availability would be very less. This makes them very attractive and irresistible. They left you to crave more and for this sole reason they win over you.

Be good looking

Invest in your looks and clothes. Prim and preen yourself. They cannot resist good looking company they can actually have very easily. You would call very easily once they do not have company to hang out with. Be certain, that you will be again left in cold.

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