How to get attention Of Gemini guy.

Gemini male has distinct tone and communication style. Some may find it hard to understand it. Their sarcasm is one of the strength which is used only if they find your worth. You will understand after further reading how to get attention of Gemini guy.

They prefer common sense over intelligence.

Gemini zodiac creates lot of confusion in other people life if they are taken seriously. Their opinion cannot last for long. Even fortune tellers and astrologers are given hard time by this zodiac. They like intelligence but with touch of lively tone. Common sense is a tool they would like to be associated with.

How to attract Gemini guy.

Are you a party person. Lively company do wonders with Gemini people. Lend yours to Gemini guy and laugh at the jokes. If you didn’t understand their jokes than most definitely its a sarcasm. Gemini guy are easy going so its fine to approach them. They may fall for you and can become closer in no time. They love fast and forget faster. Also, they are not very possessive and jealous type.

Gemini is all about friendship

Make them comfortable. Chit chat is their comfort zone. If they can not do that with you than chances are slim to date. Gemini man is all about communication and chill. They can party everyday. Very homely and sensitive female are not Gemini guy types. Also, they wear their heart on sleeve. How to get attention of Gemini guy or girl is not difficult if you can talk on multiple topics.

Gemini is always ready to friends and party

Gemini people are party people.They like to be happy and welcome colors in life. Cool and friendly Gemini will always welcome intelligent and lively people. They do not like dark and brooding energy. If they sense any kind of toxicity, Gemini will vanish unannounced.