How to deal with Ghosting

Dealing with ghosting is not easy for anyone. No matter how great or strong someone is, it left in doubt. Some can get over with ghosting in a short time while for others ghosting can get a rough time. Here we will discuss five situations to understand How to deal with ghosting.

They want to check where they stand

Ghosting is weird but not for everyone. Some people think that by ghosting they can make their potential partners obsessed with themselves. This is indeed immature and certainly one should not accept back such people. If this is the actual situation, you will know it. Just let the time pass.

  • After sometime, you will receive their calls and text. Maybe they will see you in person.
  • They are interesting in you and they were just playing games.

You didn’t get the closure

In the situation they are checking their options and they didn’t pick you. And they left you hanging. They didn’t think you deserve a closure. In most cases, guys are prone to this behavior.

  • They will never get back to you. They were never into you.
  • Mostly, they will never text you back or call. They will not return calls either.
  • Acknowledge the hurt, and move on.
  • You cannot figure out what went wrong in the first place.


  • How to deal with ghosting without being unproductive is a thing you should think about. Creativity will rescue you. It will channel your energy to something worth.
  • Learn new skill to overcome. Everyone cannot have creativity coming to their rescue.
  • When the emotional energy becomes overwhelming then try to write about the goals you have set for a day.
  • This emotional energy can also make your worth more if channelized in the right direction.

You felt the connection but they never reach out

They made you fall for them only to ignore you as you don,t even exist. Well the truth is they are confused and are just like that.

  • They were never into you and looking for some benefits. When they are convinced that they cannot manipulate you, they left.
  • There was no such connection. It only exist it on your head. They were just trying to play you.
  • In the entire situation you are left with humiliation and embarrassment. You made fool of yourself in the entire thing. Well its true but partial.

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