Gemini woman with Scorpio man in love.

Gemini woman and Scorpio man create a love story in which Drama is more prominent. The Dramatic Gemini girl and the Scorpio boy taste everything together in love. Be it Action, love, Romance, Adventure but Drama has the the lion share in the whole time.

Twin Personality challenges.

Scorpio has got a unsolved mystery in this Gemini. One day she appears calm and peaceful followed by chirpy and fiery passionate. Wait. Childlike innocence or intelligent innocence stays with Gemini girl. Scorpio likes to solve mystery but this one is beyond his understanding. Next is, Gemini knows everything happens on this planet. Probably, Outside of the planet as well. Scorpio is impressed on the keenness of Gemini to learn everything which exists.

  • Gemini set the game very high. She makes difficult for Scorpio to forget and move on.
  • Several break up will initiate by Scorpio man. Only to apologise and accept him again.
  • Scorpio swear again and again not to see this woman after every breaking up. Followed by stalking and establishing connection again.

La La Land Of Gemini.

Scorpio is intrigued by the Gemini ways to look at things. She has a la la land where she never invites anyone. Not even sneak peek. When she is physically available but you do not feel her lively spirit. She is definitely in her world. Gemini is kind of riddle in day today lives. Scorpio learns he cannot form a fixed opinion about her.

Over Enthusiastic for no apparent reason.

Drama is deeply ingrained in gemini blood and flesh. The excessive dramatic gesture is overrated in Scorpio world. Gemini is over enthusiastic for no apparent reason most of the time. Scorpio has discovered that Gemini lack depth and details. This is very unsettling for Scorpio. “Half knowledge is more dangerous” proverbs are invented by Scorpio.

Scorpio man is a dream comes true.

For Gemini, Scorpio man is dream comes true. He is a true hero who make room in her invaluable dreams. She was forever waiting for him. Gemini do not mind dating Scorpio if she is with someone else either. Gemini in initial days worship Scorpio. If they manage to handle their connection with care in early stage, good for them.

  • Scorpio is never boring. This is a kind of relaxation for gemini girl. She cannot act like a true homebuddy for long. She needs a change after sometime.
  • She is an irritating person when her needs are not met. Instead of keeping quiet, she set straight this man. Her confrontation is a true horror for this man.
  • Gemini lady will not sit or rest for long. She wants to change their residence soon. Her dose of freshness and renewal is taxing for Scorpio man.

How to keep him forever.

She is smitten by him. She is surprised to find out someone like him. He was always in her fairy tale dreams or daydreams. Sometimes, Scorpio is irritated by her need to learn everything. But, still she is good in almost everything. He wants to show off sometimes to her friends. That how lucky he is to find out a complete package of cute charm and wit. Suddenly, something out of pure nonsense comes into her mind. Needless to say she takes no time to share to the world. Which left Scorpio unnerved.

  • Scorpio man really like this clever female. Sunday she will play her charm of wit. Monday is a day of action sequel. And go on.
  • With her, every day is a new day for Scorpio man. Scorpio boy is too happy to date her. And will remember her forever as a best things of life.
  • Scorpio man and Gemini woman in love and relationship can be worst and best just in matter of time.

What keeps them together?

Experiment in bed and willing to take risk are worth to take this relationship further. No inhibition for change make them a good pair. Scorpio is very good in observing people and caring about every single detail. This is very helpful for gullible Gemini. Also, Gemini is always up to something which is kind of a relax for Scorpio. He do not have to worry about mental and emotional well being of Gemini. She has her own life full of family and friends.

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