Gemini Woman Traits

Gemini Woman traits are as interesting as her. She promises two things in all the circumstances. Being fun and bringing fun to the people. She is not shy types. Gemini woman can start communication with anyone.

She loves to experiment

She can go to any extent and one can expect anything from them. Wherever trouble is you can bet your money on Gemini. Its not they are anti social, but they want to break monotony. They like to experiment on their looks and makeup. She changes her hair style frequently.

Risk taker

She believe in her dreams and she likes to live them. What you cannot expect from any other zodiac, she is capable of doing it. She hates monotony and routine. New ideas come and go in her head all the time. She likes to take risks and weigh pros and cons. New skills are always on her list. Travelling and changing most of the things around her is what she thrives on. New technology attracts her a lot.

Gemini woman negative traits

Gemini woman is lot more than she shows. Though negativity is not an essential element of her traits. Gemini woman gets bored very easily. She cannot be trusted with the micro details. Not the disciplined to the core, she do not better in the routine jobs. She has more positive traits than being negative. She is scared of left alone. Nothing worried her more than being left behind. She likes to learn new things all the time and for some it might not be a very good idea to be someone like her.

  • She has mood swings. Gemini can pissed off pretty easily than people think. Their exterior may be cool but story is different inside.
  • Confused to the core. The most confusing sign is Gemini in the entire zodiac.
  • Their confusion makes their love life spicy. They are capable of loving two people at the same time. And this is not a joke. Ask Gemini woman.

Gemini woman love traits

Gemini woman is more than what people think in love. She definitely tries to be the best of her version when fall in love. She needs her private time to be the best part of love. Imagination is one thing where scores perfect. She make best use of it. The actual problem arise after that. sometimes potential partner scared of excessive emotions or aloofness. She left him really confused.

Moon in Gemini woman