Gemini Woman in bed

Gemini Woman in bed confirms her pattern of dreamland. She is unpredictable in bed. She set her imagination when thinks she is with the right partner.

  • Gemini Woman will try all her fantasies sometimes.
  • She fantasizes being with her dream boy.
  • Gemini Woman surprises her partner often.
  • She can be wild and can take initiative.
  • Gemini woman is a dream come true for Libra male.

Gemini woman can sleep with ex

She can do this more than once. Unapologetic about it. She finds it really difficult to cut off those completely she loved truly once. Gemini woman is one kind of who can be friends without emotion too long. She cannot let go with the person whom she truly loved once.

Gemini woman in bed with Scorpio Man

They have a spark indeed. Scorpio is too good for her in a long term. Gemini likes to decide the rules in bed as far as possible. Scorpio Man set straight others in bed. Not Bad.

Gemini woman in bed with Libra Man

This is indeed great. True love story with everything great in detail. Gemini and Libra bond is unbreakable after sometime. They really like each other. Gemini is happy with Libra man in almost in everything. Libra Man also finds it hard to let go Gemini Man. They are big hit in Bed too. Great chemistry.

Gemini woman in bed with Aries Man

Gemini Woman in bed with Aries man is a passionate story. Love and passion is always in air. They are into each other. Aries Man spell works hard on Gemini woman. The desire for Aries Man grows every passing day. Gemini often fantasizes about Aries Man. Also, she left no opportunity to be with passionate Aries. Their Bond is super hit. Even, Libra Man charm is often ignored by Gemini female to be with Aries man.

Gemini woman in bed with Gemini Man

This looks very easy and cool in starting. But, do not go very far. Gemini man may be super interesting but after sometimes she seems she has already experienced there things by herself. They are friends but not very compatible for a passionate relationship in bed.

Gemini Woman traits