Fun facts about Scorpio Woman.

These amazing woman are smart, sexy and protective of their loved ones. Half of their life, they are indulged in power struggle with career or family. These female must takes clue from their zodiac male counterpart who is considerate to their closed ones. Here are few fun facts about Scorpio woman.

  1. Scorpio woman thinks she is too good for others. She keeps turning down most of the men understandably.
  2. All the potential mate are already taken by other women which is hard to digest by this strong women.
  3. On top one feels alone. Few scorpio woman chant this mantra rest of their life.
  4. She is the most beautiful, intelligent and smart woman. All the time these words echoed in her head.
  5. How to get even with you would be her next agenda if you dare to beat her in competition.
  6. She takes herself too seriously only to google next. How to make good friends.
  7. Sneak into their browser history. How to counter loneliness query would op the search.

Fun facts about scorpio woman.

  1. Her style is unique in her head. Also, it is scary to the guy next.
  2. Her beau is the luckiest man of the world who gets the best stuff in bed.
  3. She is the best mom of the world in her opinion. Only her kids does not agree with her, sadly.
  4. Any man can easily drown in her deep beautiful eyes. She is yet to find that man, alas.
  5. She is attracted to powerful and wealthy man. These men are taken by libran charmers or cancerian homebuddy.
  6. They do not like unwarranted attention. But they do not like to be ignored as well.
  7. Some scorpio woman can take up role of mistress as well. And they take very seriously as well.
  8. All battles are not worth of fighting. Can someone make her understand this.
  9. The world is not hatching any conspiracy against her. She can trust some of fellow humans.
  10. Your need of privacy is no big deal. So, stop crying over it.
  11. What do you hide all the time.Come on lady no one has time to waste.