Dream Interpretation

Dreams can unfold the mysteries going around us. At some point of time most of us got some guidance from the dream world. Dreams have different meaning which varies in culture, religion and region. Here, we will just give a glimpse on 100 most popular dreams.

APPLE– Good dream. Your wish may come true. Dream Interpretation of Apple is different in Islamic, Hindu and Biblical meaning but this signifies good Dream in general.

ORANGE– Eating orange will get you unexpected good news. Giving some will make sure you will attract positivism in your life.

FRUITS– Full basket of fruits means opportunities will come to your door. Dream Interpretation of fruits is always good. Even, rotten fruit dream is also good. Rotten or waste fruit means in coming three month person will get success in life.

BANANA– You will start enjoying company of intellectual people. You will enhance your skills.

PINEAPPLE– Eating fruit will give you good health in near future. Patients recover really fast after seeing pineapple in the dream.

JACKFRUIT– This fruit has different meaning. Someone stealing this fruit from you means your fortune will decline in the near future. Eating jackfruit in dream is a sure sign of wealth accumulation. Cutting jackfruit means you will rock the opportunities in future.

GREEN GRAPES – This dream is an auspicious dream. Do not sleep after if you see yourself consuming them. Having them in a group or sharing means more good. Do not speak ill words to anyone.

BLACK GRAPES – This dream has different meanings as well. Eating yourself means you have to double your efforts. Sharing means delegate your work or trust others as well. Lighten up. Frequent Black grapes means you are more than aggressive than needed.

VEGETABLES– It signifies that lots of work will come up your way. You have to be very busy in the coming days. So, gear up for the work.

SNAKE– Cautious from people and situations. Someone will try to harm you because of your own past actions or words.

TREES– Lush green trees means things will go same for the time being. It is a neutral dream. But, if have stuck up somewhere then things will not likely change for sometime.

INSECTS– Theses are real dreams which should be taken seriously. Your real solution to the problem is hidden and you are not even aware about it. Something is clogging your mind. Aware.

FLOWERS– Bunch of flowers is a harbinger of good news in your life. You will fulfilled soon.

MOON– Action Is required on your part. You will miss something on borderline if timely effort or energy is not invested.

STAR– Someone really close to you will shine because of your luck.

GUN– It is a neutral dream.

WAR– You might overthinking on some situations or people. Neutral dream.

CHAIR– It means one has to struggle for himself and for close one.

FAN– Bad dream. Share this dream. You will start a fight with proper reasoning.

FIGHT– Not that bad as sounds. Conflict and confusion will happen in other people mind regarding you. Be cautious and believe only on hard word.

MONKEY– You want to accomplish some tasks. Go and work. That’s all.

RABBIT– Your staunch enemy will say some good words regarding you. Or you will likely get favour from someone not in your good books.

PEN– Neutral dream. You need to believe in your efforts only.

TIGER– Good dream. You will work hard and get success.

LION– Good Dream. Your efforts will perpetuate into long term success.

GOLD– You have a burning desire to be rich and you believe in flaunting wealth.

IRON– Very good dream. This means you will have long lasting success as you desired. Hard work rocks.

BABY – One who has a dream witness arrival of new generation in neighborhood.

CIRCLE – Not a good dream. Analyse your actions as they are not enough to accomplish something.

CRUSH – If your crush is manage to get entry in your dreams frequently. You must straighten up. Tell your crush about how you feel for them. You will most likely feel happy after that.

TAKING EXAM – Strangely, this dream is very common for adult and working professionals. This signifies you must gear up for something.

CAT – You are about to lose control on something important aspect of your life. Someone in your family or blood relation is playing slimy with you.

DOG – You have a dog as a pet then it is a normal dream. But, frequently dogs in your dream is for sure not a good sign.

FISH – It is a normal dream if fish is your staple diet. Though, it signify increase in your resources.

BED – It is a good dream. Your endeavors bought success to you and future is promising.

CAR – Immediate attention is required in some area of your life. Maybe related to family matter.

STAIRS – Different meaning. Climbing stairs means you are about to stumble in real life. Your spiritual side will get awakened. Stairs means neutral. It also means, if you harm someone near to you, immediate lesson will get taught to you. Coming down from stairs means, you will become more career oriented or materialistic in near future.

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