Double Scorpio in Vedic and Western Astrology.

So, Double scorpio in vedic and western astrology left you confused. You might met someone who claims to be scorpio but holds charmer of libra. Or her/his articulate expressions and fun loving demeanour make you a sure guess of gemini. No, the Scorpions are not transforming themselves overnight but the person may be just born in November with different ascendant and moon sign.

The most intense Scorpio energy is vibrant in double and triple Scorpio. Characteristics of a Scorpio may be same but manifold in large amount in double and triple scorpio.

Vedic and Western views are similar on scorpio zodiac.

Vedic or western both astrology have no clash when it comes to define scorpio zodiac sign. They speak in same tone. Scorpio demands respect. Once just only once try to yell on double scorpio in public. You will lost them completely and forever. If they are in a role of friend they are gone.

If it is a love relationship then you may get a lucky chance. That too after rounds of apologies. Sincere Apologies. This behaviour of yours may echo in their brain time and again. Umpteen times they will go in flashback if they did not do anything to instigate you.

Eight house of Horoscope.

Eight house in horoscope is equally important in Vedic and western astrology. Pluto and Mars holds special significance of double scorpio in vedic and western astrology. They can cruelly cut of all the ties in a fraction of second. No matter how painful it is for them. They are the one infamous for their focus.

Double Scorpio in General.

Ascendant or rising scorpio along with sun sign or moon sign is considered as double scorpio.The traits which Scorpio are famous for are very evident during 8th and 12th house in horoscope planet cycle.

Generally, these people are more private than usual. They are not comfortable to divulge information very soon. Fallacy is that they appear very truthful and transparent in a first go. But truth is far from reality. These are the premeditated thoughts. Some call it layer 1.

Double Scorpio has many layers.

Scorpio lives in different layers. The first one is what they appear in first few interactions. This is their layer number one. They allow few people whom they are comfortable in their inner circle. Surprisingly, they can hang out with almost anyone without prejudiced.

No Scorpio will choose to reveal how they craft this art of manipulation.

Hatching conspiracies in a form of manipulation, directly or in any way is a subtle art for them. No Scorpio will choose to reveal how they craft this art of manipulation. They just do it to settle score. This is very comforting for them mentally. For a double Scorpio it, s a relieved of burden.

Double Scorpio is vulnerable.

Some may burst into laughter that how come such a badass can be touted as Vulnerable. But they are. They get into mentally excruciating situations which is normal to other zodiac. They get upset very easily. Time and again those flashback comes to their mind. They are haunted by their painful memories. Worst is when they need to recollect their focus painful memories strike them harshly.

Double Scorpio are Kind and lovable.

Double Scorpio loves mankind, pets and what not. These Scorpions are very kind and loves their friends as well. Family and other relationship meant so much to them. But one very crystal clear thing. They can love only if you love them. They cannot love anyone who mocks, ignore or pass outlandish remarks about them.

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