Libra like being chased. And they enjoy this game. Ask any Libra about the best time of love or relationship. “Chasing part” Libra will answer with wide smile. They like to play their favorite game. Your every single effort will be noticed by Libra. In order to get Libra, Show your best effort. Libra will weigh the energy behind to make decision in your favour.

Libra is very Romantic

They are dreamers and lovers. Libra appears hopeless Romantic in most cases. They read a lot and falling in love is their favourite game. Libra has a good imagination. They are nostalgic too. They appreciate good logic. Intellectual chat is sure shot to cement way in Libra heart. Beware, they can be hopeless Romantics but not hopeless Lovers.

How to Chase Libra?

Appreciation is the key to unlock Libra heart. They like attention a lot. Words truly play cupid in Libra case. Do Libra like being chased consistently. The answer is Yes. Consistent efforts will melt Libra heart. You should not forget Libra,s favourite work. Its to create Harmony and Balance in everyone life. It’s kind of job interview to reason those questions by Libra female. Libra man is no less. He don’t even feel need to throw those bizarre words in air. His logical brain can do that with ease.

Venus in Scorpio Woman

Pursuing Libra Man and Woman

Libra man and Woman like to be pursued. They have energy of moderation. Extremities are strictly loathe by them. Harmony and Love should sent the message of theses emotions only. Libra has some rules which these male and female expect world to obey. No Abusive Slang and No Cruelty Without announcing to the world that want everyone to play fairness. You break the rules and they will not entertain you.

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