Do Leo and Gemini get along

Do Leo and Gemini get along or not. The answer is yes they do bond really well. Gemini has always very interesting thing to tell. Leo is not shy of communication either. They share ideas and talk high. Gemini left a good impression of his/her knowledge and the other likes it.

Leo and Gemini are party animal

Leo likes to party and Gemini likes to spend time with friends. Initially it looks like that both are actually competing for attention. But gradually they drawn to each other. They like each other company. Gemini can handle all the tantrums of Leo.

  • Gemini eventually likes Leo,s drama. And in return Leo likes the fancy and fertile imagination of social butterfly.
  • They both get along or not but they gradually find solace in each other company. Gemini will give undivided attention to the drama king or queen.
  • Lion is all ears to the fancy tales of Gemini.
  • Gemini is all the time up to for something. This left Leo intrigued about other. Gemini cannot rest for long.
  • Gemini has interesting tales. For some unknown reason, something is always lined up for Gemini. Leo wants all the details of it.

They both love attention

Yes, they have certain tips for each other. Even if it seems that both have screwed their lives but still the compelling need to advise each other is always there.

  • Leo has obsessive need to give advise. Which is taken by Gemini in a very healthy spirit.
  • Gemini do not judge people. Leo loved this trait of the other.
  • When they both fall for each other, they really fall hard. Its difficult to stay away from each other.
  • When in love, Gemini is out from their la la land. This is a very thing for Gemini. Who knows Gemini for sometime they can take sense out of it.

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