Yes, they do. Gemini fall in love multiple times. Also, they can love more than one person at a time without any remorse. A true Gemini would understand this.

Speak Intelligence

Show some intelligence and appeal. Gemini is yours. They want someone to laugh at their jokes. They seldom find people who can understand their high level jokes. Their sarcasm is their biggest enemy. Gemini lose people in a fraction of second by this lethal weapon. Speaking of Intelligence, they are intelligent people.

Gemini are good friends as long as you are good listener

They want someone to hear them out. Their constant rants never leave them alone. So, anyone who can tolerate rants and whines are the perfect candidates. Gemini always has an opinion and eager to share to the world. They do take themselves very seriously when it comes to advice.

Gemini are not very trustworthy

It hurts but then it is. Gemini are not very trustworthy when it comes to maintain any sort of commitment. Only Libra can keep them forever. Rest assured they will explore the world. Forever and Commitment sort of things scare them.

Chill and fun loving Gemini

Chill and fun loving Gemini is welcomed in get together and private parties. They are sucker for fun. Promise them fun and good times. Also, they do not mind if you are ugly or poor. But lack of passion kills them. Bore company can kill them more fast than poison.

Live in a moment – Follow the mantra

Gemini chant this mantra forever and want to be in love with such a person. They do not want to drag bad arguments. They want to be in a good company and learn many things in the world. If you can teach them some new skills, Gemini will never forget you. Do Gemini fall in love easily or not but they live passionately.

Gemini Woman traits

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