Do Capricorn like to be chased

Smitten by goat and no idea how to step in. Capricorn seems occupied with their career plan. They seems focused in their growth. But, goat can be affectionate too but for a worthy one. So, you need to gear up for the challenge goat will throw for you. You will enjoy the ride and end seems satisfactory. Do Capricorn like to be chased- Yes. But by worthy folks.

Capricorn will judge you

No matter, how many times you heard Capricorn ranting that they accept people on their face value. They will judge you. Capricorn like to be pursued by the worthy people. If you are better than Capricorn in any aspect the chase is worth. Capricorn are particular about status and growth.

What are you bringing to the table

Capricorn are smarter than they appear. Goat will calculate logically what you have to offer. Capricorn do not like to associate with someone with bad reputation. Also, your bank balance matters. Your degree too. Goat will think from head for sure. Your potential and worth will help Capricorn to notice you. Of course, they do fall in love. But, here you are searching for, if Capricorn man/woman like to be pursued or not.

How to flirt with Capricorn male/female

They do like compliments but can smell flattery from far. How to flirt with hard working and logical Capricorn is quite a task. Compliment them earnestly. They are enough polite to pass a smile but they know the difference between excessive praise and admiration. They will acknowledge compliment respectfully if they find sensible. Anyway, you will not get a rude shock but insincerity is disregarded in goat zone.

How to approach Capricorn

If you are better than Capricorn in any aspect, approach them directly. They will appreciate your sincerity. Before that Make sure, you must know where you are heading in your career. Are you organised and disciplined enough to match the pace of goat. If you are approaching Capricorn female, you must have future plan. Hope you are clear with Do Capricorn male/female like to be chased.

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