Do Cancers like to be chased

Do cancers like to be chased or not. The shy crab like to be chased and its not going to happen other way. Such revolutionary crab exist but are just few in number. Cancers like to be chased exactly in fiction style. Cancers value consistency. Never know, what can melt cancers heart. Cancers are shy people. They really like to be chased.

Cancers do not want to be in dilemma.

Cancers female will never accept things unless told them, directly. Though they ponder a lot. Cancer Male can take baby step if they share comfort zone with you. Assured of your positive validation, Cancer may drop hints. The last thing Cancer want is confusion. They want things to be crystal clear. But, they seldom play any part to break the ice.

Do Cancers like to be chased than chaser

Cancers fear rejection the most. They cannot face rejection and it takes time to retrieve from their shell. Anyway, Cancer is not going to chase you. They can flirt but wont chase you openly. It is most appropriate to chase cancer. Cancer enjoy talking and seems comfortable with you, the next logical step is to chase them. These sensitive souls can’t face rejection and not going to chase you.

Do Cancers like to be alone

Cancer Male/female can see the difference between stalking and chasing. If Cancer has already drop hints about their romantic preference, it’s time to move on. There is no point of chasing Cancer when it’s clear they don’t like you. Cancer is particular about their choice and quite rigid too. They wear their expressions on face.

Cancer Men and Women are Vulnerable

Cancer Men and women are vulnerable in the game of attraction and love. They keep themselves guarded by being cocooned occasionally. Some call it thick shell of crab. Actually, Cancer zodiac needs to be assured of your actions. The last thing they want in life is betrayal. Do Cancer liked to be pursued when chaser is friendzoned. Yes, Cancer folks heart can melt anytime. No harm in trying with grace.

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