Cancer Man and Cancer Woman in love

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman in love mirror themselves. They love each other only after a little long friendship. Cancer woman is sought by many and this keeps cancer man on his toes in this connection.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman in relationship

The couple starts right from the beginning. Of course, Cancer Man takes all the time to make his move. He cannot step forward without testing the waters. Cancer Woman drops too many hints. Even after receiving such clear hints from cancer woman, cancer man has to gather all his courage to ask her out.

  • Both love travelling and water. Water sports are always welcomed by this couple.
  • Cancer man and cancer woman in love and relationship are best friends as well. They understand each other insecurities really well.
  • This couple have thing for savings. Cancer man even in love will not spare all the details of some hidden money.
  • Cancer woman has some savings as well. Money gives them security.

Cancer Man falls for Cancer Woman

She calms him inside out. Cancer Woman is a female version of Cancer Man. She did not find anything weird in him while other woman finds him miser and stingy. cancer woman has a knack for saving as well. Also, she is hauntingly beautiful and many man have fought for her attention. She believes in loyalty and conserve her values to the core.

  • She cooks well and no one can beat her except Cancer Man mommy.
  • Cancer man is a home buddy. Cancer woman is a proud homemaker. They connect really well in most of the things.
  • Cancer man likes the fact that Cancer woman is graceful.
  • She is elegant all the time and proves right choice for cancer man. Cancer man is proud to introduce her to his family and especially to his mother.
  • Cancer woman really care. She approved his ways and compliments him.

Cancer ascendant or rising man and woman in love.

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