Aquarius woman and Scorpio man in love.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man in love create something like whirlwind romance. Both kiss goodbye to sanity and anything come their way is met with absolute welcome.

Radical cool

Aquarius woman is radically cool and this makes Scorpio awestruck. An independent and full of life woman lives her every day fully. She lives larger than life. This is a Cool headed woman who do things differently than others. She likes people who do not judge them for it. Scorpio is amazed for this woman. Scorpio can create thousand things all masterpiece but could not stand for taking attention. He is amazed at the capacity of this woman who appears nonchalant most of the time.

Vibrant, lovely and lively.

Have you ever come across such combination. Also, she doesn’t mind little bit insanity. Is not she fun to be around. Do not judge her and she will never judge you in return. You know what she do not even care what you think about her. Your thinking is your problem. With this attitude who will not fall for this girl. Scorpio man who do not have to compete for female attention succumbs to a peer pressure to get noticed by her.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man compatibility.

When they start Scorpio wants nothing but to get close to this girl. Maybe not a serious affair. This girl gives such vibes that initially people do not take seriously her. Scorpio also judges her initially. After spending more time Scorpio discovers her. His discovery made him to take her seriously. They both are not much compatible to each other. But attraction played a role certainly. Scorpio wants fling and Aquarius wants freedom. She is not that commitment seeking female unless she herself decide to settle down.

Curse of a Scorpio

They are not at all compatible with each other. But cannot help attraction to find other way. For sometime their connection works. Their friends finds their pair weird or super cool. If Scorpio wants to fly, drown or kill himself this woman will ask him to go ahead. Scorpio will get attached to her and try controlling her. This makes aquarius angry. Also, Aquarius is not selfless as Scorpio. For Scorpio in love, you are the most important person in the world.

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Ironically, Scorpio male fall in love with her during courtship. Aquarius girl fall for him and then enter courtship phase. Scorpio wanted to get close to her and discover her. After Scorpio falling in love there is no turning back for him. Slowly Aquarius will get to know true colour of her hero. She praised his courage. Appreciate his risk taking appetite she made sure not to give her leash to him.

Why they break up?

Controlling Scorpio once in love wants control in a relationship. Being in a relationship Scorpio could not resist a charm of libra or cancer. After dating Aquarius girl Scorpio seems to have enough. And if lucky to find any water sign then Scorpio bids goodbye to her. Dating with Aquarius is a best thing happened to him and he forever cherish those memories.

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