6 Steps to win Scorpio on First date

Tina is excited and nervous at the same time. Her crush for four months has ask her out. Now, She is making fuss over dress, hair and makeup. He is attractive, smart and very intelligent. If nothing goes well then it might end up as last date. But, then he ask you out. He might already impressed over something. Or maybe looking for fling. Anyway, you have to figure this mystery out. Here are the 6 steps to win your Scorpio heart on first date.


Try something decent but modern outfit. Also check if dress fits you. You must make sure to look prim. If high heels are alien to you then avoid them. Comfortable and elegant look will always work. Look pretty and clean. Too much perfume or high fragrance should be avoided. You must look attractive.


There is a lot of myth that Scorpio guys like originality. And you think wearing a make up with added layers is not a good idea. After all, he is a man. If you come up as a complete raw then it also looks like you do not want to put even minimal efforts. So, wear some fashionable dress with make up. Look pretty.


He is a passionate person. But that does not mean he may ignore your lack of proper dining etiquette. Your every move, word and expression is closely monitored. So be prepared for hawk eye observation. Your well mannered moves will definitely gives you an edge if he decides to continue with you.


Another myth about dating Scorpio man is they can pierce your soul with their laser like gaze. No one can actually dig your secret unless you decide them to part with. Do not give your secret soon. Even better if never part them. Also, do not bad mouth anyone. Avoid physical intimacy of any kind in a few first date.D

Do not advertise yourself

It is a matter of fact that no one can know a person in a first date. But second date can only happen if first one goes right. So, do not open up too much. Maybe, dodge few questions. Ask his interest, opinion and hobbies. Lend your ear for sometime. Even at the cost of some of your achievements.


Do not ask private questions on first date. Value his privacy. Scorpio do not like to open much. If anything irked Scorpio is, intruders. Loud -mouthed people also do not get much attention from Scorpio. Hope, these 6 steps to win Scorpio on first date works for you.

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