5 good reasons to date a scorpio are definitely not enough. But these are five best reasons to give it a shot. You will learn something about underworld or gothic art. His extra knowledge would surely leave you in Awe. In order to keep things on, your mind would encapsulate facts and information in right order.

You will become more passionate and in that order would start appreciating things in life. Boredom will be a thing of past. In long term, maybe you can learn to hold ground all by yourself without flinch. Better. If its a fling, even better. You will see the best side of Scorpio. Oh yes, he is the best combination of negativity added with streaks of entertainment.

People, perspective and passion will see new light in your life. His logic and pros and cons will drive you crazy. Eventually, you will also start seeing things more differently for good. Dating him is really like a crash course but depends on your dating life span.

All beauty and no brains makes him see you in vain. You will learn that smart is sexy to him. He will maintain certain level of aloofness if he is doing a bimbo. If you have worked really hard to become one, read this blog and remember not to expect much out of it. Maybe it is the best time of your life you are in but be in a moment.

Last but not the least. At least once try a Scorpion reputation before your libido waive goodbye to you. He is best in his stuff. It is said he is second to none in bed. Try it once with no strings attached if he allows it. Also, do not forget to comment whether these are the 5 good reasons to date Scorpio once. Have we miss any?

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